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Dell DES-DD23 Real Exam Questions

Last Update: 27 Sep 2023


Guarantee your DES-DD23 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The DES-DD23 practice test questions are developed by experiences Dell Certification Professionals...


Guarantee your DES-DD23 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The DES-DD23 practice test questions are developed by experiences Dell Certification Professionals who working in todays prospering companies and Dell exam data center.

Exam Number: DES-DD23

Exam Title: Specialist - Implementation Engineer - PowerProtect DD (DCS-IE)

Format: Single and Multiple Choice

Part1: Duration: 90 Minutes Number of Questions: 54 Passing Score: 63%

Part2: Duration: 30 Minutes 6 Simulations Passing Score: 66%

Origin Provider: ExamKiller

Total Questions: 54 QAs

Type: Real Exam Questions

Guarantee: 100% Pass Guarantee

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Dell DES-DD23 Exam Objectives

PowerProtect DD Concepts and Features (15%)
• Explain the key differentiators of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD deduplication technology, including SISL, DIA, In-line versus Post Process deduplication, and file versus block storage.
• Identify typical Dell EMC PowerProtect DD backup and recovery solutions and describe PowerProtect DD product positioning.
• Identify and describe various Dell EMC PowerProtect DD software options and the functionality they enable.

PowerProtect DD Hardware Installation (15%)
• Describe how to prepare the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system for installation, including rail and rack the system hardware, and connect and cable the system to external storage.
• Describe how to perform the initial configurations of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system, configure the network for administrative access, and verify interoperability with connected devices.

Cloud Tier Implementation and Administration (15%)

• Describe Dell EMC Cloud Tier features, benefits, architecture and use cases.
• Install and configure Dell EMC PowerProtect DD systems with Dell EMC Cloud Tier, including system racking and cabling, configuration of the active and archive tiers, establishment of data movement policies and upgrading the system.
• Perform administrative tasks on Dell EMC PowerProtect DD systems with the Dell EMC Cloud Tier, including adding and expanding storage, adjusting compression settings, deleting or reusing storage units, configuring replication and disaster recovery.

PowerProtect DD Implementation in Backup Environments and Integration with Application Software (15%)
• Distinguish between key backup software components.
• Recognize the packet flow in a typical backup environment with and without a Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system.
• Describe key information points for a backup and recovery solution using DD Boost/OST technology.
• Implement the PowerProtect DD system as a CIFS or NFS to a backup server running Symantec NetBackup and/or Backup Exec, Dell EMC NetWorker, CommVault Simpana, and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Validate the backup and recovery functionalities.
• Implement and validate the PowerProtect DD system as a VTL.
• Implement and validate DD Boost in Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec environments, Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) environments, as well as in Dell EMC NetWorker and Dell EMC Avamar environments.
• Implement best practices and system tuning procedures for optimal performance of backup environments including integrated Dell EMC PowerProtect DD systems.

PowerProtect DD System Administration (40%)
• Implement Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system with key protocols, including NFS/CIFS, DD Boost, VTL, and NDMP.
• Implement Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system with key technologies, including data security, link aggregation/failover, fiber channel connections, secure multi-tenancy, DDMC, snapshots, fastcopy, retention lock, sanitization, encryption, storage migration, replication, and recovery functionalities.
• Manage system access and describe and configure autosupport, Support bundle, SNMP, and Syslog.
• Monitor system activity and performance and evaluate the cleaning frequency.
• Verify hardware and analyze and interpret space utilization and compression graphs.
• Monitor PowerProtect DD capacity and estimate storage burn rate.

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