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Microsoft AZ-720 Real Exam Questions

Last Update: 26 Sep 2023


Guarantee your AZ-720 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The AZ-720 practice test questions are developed by experiences Microsoft Cert...


Guarantee your AZ-720 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The AZ-720 practice test questions are developed by experiences Microsoft Certification Professionals who working in todays prospering companies and Microsoft exam data center.

Exam Number: AZ-720

Exam Title: Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity

Passing Score: 700 (Total Score: 1000)(Tips: You should pass 70% for each section of the exam (bar on the chart), or else you still faild the exam even your total score more than 700 )

Origin Provider: ExamKiller

Total Questions: 102 QAs

Type: Real Exam Questions

Guarantee: 100% Pass Guarantee

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Microsoft AZ-720 Exam Objectives

Troubleshoot business continuity issues (5–10%)

Troubleshoot backup issues

  • Review and interpret backup logs
  • Troubleshoot Azure virtual machines backup issues including restarting a failed backup job
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Backup agent
  • Troubleshoot Azure Backup Server issues
  • Troubleshoot scheduled backups

Troubleshoot recovery issues

  • Troubleshoot Azure Site Recovery issues
  • Troubleshoot site recovery in hybrid scenarios that include Hyper-V, VMware ESX, or Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Troubleshoot restore issues when using Azure Backup agent, Azure Backup, or Azure Backup Server
  • Troubleshoot issues recovering files from Azure VM backup

Troubleshoot hybrid and cloud connectivity issues (20–25%)

Troubleshoot virtual network (VNet) connectivity

  • Troubleshoot virtual private network (VPN) gateway transit issues
  • Troubleshoot hub-and-spoke VNet configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot global VNet peering connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot peered connections

Troubleshoot name resolution issues

  • Troubleshoot name resolution in scenarios that use Azure-provided name resolution
  • Troubleshoot name resolution in scenarios that use custom DNS servers
  • Review and interpret DNS audit logs
  • Troubleshoot name resolution for Azure private DNS zones
  • Troubleshoot issues with DNS records at public DNS providers
  • Troubleshoot domain delegation issues

Troubleshoot point-to-site virtual private network (VPN) connectivity

  • Troubleshoot Windows VPN client configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot OpenVPN VPN client configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot macOS VPN client configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot issues with certificate-based VPN connections
  • Troubleshoot issues with RADIUS-based VPN connections
  • Troubleshoot authentication issues in scenarios by using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra

Troubleshoot site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) connectivity

  • Review and interpret network logs and captured network traffic from a VPN gateway
  • Determine the root cause for latency issues within site-to-site VPNs
  • Review and interpret VPN gateway configuration scripts
  • Reset a VPN gateway
  • Troubleshoot VPN gateway issues by running Log Analytics queries

Troubleshoot Azure ExpressRoute connectivity issues

  • Determine whether routes are correctly configured and operational
  • Validate the peering configuration for an ExpressRoute circuit
  • Reset an ExpressRoute circuit
  • Troubleshoot route filtering
  • Troubleshoot custom defined routes
  • Determine the root cause of latency issues related to ExpressRoute

Troubleshoot Platform as a Service issues (5–10%)

Troubleshoot PaaS services

  • Troubleshoot PaaS connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot firewalls for PaaS services
  • Troubleshoot PaaS configuration issues
  • Determine the root cause for service-level throttling

Troubleshoot PaaS integration issues

  • Troubleshoot issues integrating PaaS services with virtual networks
  • Troubleshoot subnet delegation issues
  • Troubleshoot issues with private endpoints and service endpoints
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Private Link

Troubleshoot authentication and access control issues (15–20%)

Troubleshoot Azure AD authentication

  • Determine why on-premises systems cannot access Azure resources
  • Troubleshoot Azure AD configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot self-service password reset issues
  • Troubleshoot issues with multifactor authentication

Troubleshoot hybrid authentication

  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect cloud sync
  • Troubleshoot issues with integration between Azure AD and Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS)
  • Troubleshoot issues with integration between Azure AD and Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  • Troubleshoot issues with pass-through authentication and password hash synchronization
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure AD Application Proxy

Troubleshoot authorization issues

  • Troubleshoot role-based access control (RBAC) issues
  • Troubleshoot issues storing encrypted passwords in Azure Key Vault
  • Troubleshoot authorization issues related to Azure AD Conditional Access policies

Troubleshoot networks (25–30%)

Troubleshoot Azure network security issues

  • Determine why Azure Web Application Firewall is blocking traffic
  • Troubleshoot encryption and certificate issues for point-to-site and site-to-site scenarios
  • Troubleshoot connectivity to secure endpoints

Troubleshoot Azure network security groups (NSGs)

  • Troubleshoot NSG configuration issues
  • Review and interpret NSG flow logs
  • Determine whether one or more Azure network interfaces (NICs) are associated with an application security group (ASG)

Troubleshoot Azure Firewall issues

  • Troubleshoot application, network, and infrastructure rules
  • Troubleshoot network address translation (NAT) and destination network address translation (DNAT) rules
  • Troubleshoot Azure Firewall Manager configuration issues

Troubleshoot latency issues

  • Determine the root cause for Azure VM-level throttling
  • Determine the root cause for latency issues when connecting to Azure VMs
  • Determine the root cause for throttling between source and destination resources
  • Troubleshoot bandwidth availability issues
  • Determine whether resource response times meet service-level agreements (SLAs)

Troubleshoot routing and traffic control

  • Review and interpret route tables
  • Troubleshoot issues caused by asymmetric routing
  • Troubleshoot issues with user-defined routes
  • Troubleshoot issues related to forced tunneling
  • Troubleshoot Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) issues
  • Troubleshoot service chaining
  • Troubleshoot routing configuration issues in Azure

Troubleshoot load-balancing issues

  • Determine whether VMs in a load-balanced backend pool are healthy
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Load Balancer
  • Review and interpret load balancer rules
  • Troubleshoot traffic distribution issues
  • Evaluate the configuration of Azure Traffic Manager
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Traffic Manager profiles
  • Troubleshoot port exhaustion issues
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Front Door
  • Troubleshoot issues with Azure Application Gateway

Troubleshoot VM connectivity issues (5–10%)

Troubleshoot Azure Bastion

  • Troubleshoot issues deploying Azure Bastion
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Troubleshoot authorization issues

Troubleshoot just-in-time (JIT) VM access

  • Validate connectivity with an Azure VM
  • Troubleshoot JIT VM configuration issues
  • Troubleshoot JIT VM authorization issues

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