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Microsoft MB-800 Real Exam Questions

Last Update: 26 Sep 2023


Guarantee your MB-800 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The MB-800 practice test questions are developed by experiences Microsoft Certification Professionals who working in todays prospering...


Guarantee your MB-800 exam success with examkiller's study guide. The MB-800 practice test questions are developed by experiences Microsoft Certification Professionals who working in todays prospering companies and Microsoft exam data center.

Exam Number: MB-800

Exam Title: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant

Passing Score: 700 (Total Score: 1000)(Tips: You should pass 70% for each section of the exam (bar on the chart), or else you still faild the exam even your total score more than 700 )

Origin Provider: ExamKiller

Total Questions: 138 QAs

Type: Real Exam Questions

Guarantee: 100% Pass Guarantee

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Microsoft MB-800 Exam Objectives

Set up Business Central (20–25%)

Create and configure a new company

  • Create a new company in the on-premises and cloud-based versions of Business Central
  • Create a new company from scratch by using Assisted Setup to copy data from an existing company
  • Describe the use cases and capabilities of RapidStart Services
  • Create a configuration worksheet
  • Create and export a configuration package
  • Import and apply a configuration package
  • Create journal opening balances

Manage security

  • Create and manage user profiles
  • Set up a new user and user groups
  • Create and assign permission sets and permissions
  • Apply security filters

Set up core app functionality

  • Set up company information
  • Set up printers for on-premises and cloud-based installations
  • Set up report selections
  • Set up and use job queues
  • Set up email
  • Set up number series

Set up dimensions

  • Set up dimensions and dimension values
  • Set up global dimensions and shortcut dimensions
  • Set up default dimension for a single account and for multiple accounts
  • Set up default dimensions for an account type or location
  • Block combinations of dimensions or dimension values

Set up and manage approvals by using workflows

  • Set up a purchase document approval system
  • Set up a sales document approval system
  • Set up document approvals
  • Set up a notification system
  • Set up an approval hierarchy

Configure financials (30–35%)

Set up the Finance module

  • Create a fiscal year
  • Define General Ledger Setup options
  • Create accounting periods

Configure the chart of accounts

  • Create and configure general ledger accounts, including blocking deletion of general ledger accounts
  • Configure direct posting
  • Create account categories and subcategories

Set up posting groups

  • Create specific posting groups including bank, customer, vendor, and inventory posting groups
  • Create general posting groups
  • Configure General Posting Setup

Set up journals and bank accounts

  • Create journal templates
  • Create batches
  • Implement number series in journals
  • Implement recurring journals
  • Set up bank accounts
  • Update currency exchange rates

Set up accounts payables

  • Create payment terms
  • Create vendor accounts including payment terms, vendor bank accounts, and related records
  • Set up payment information for vendors
  • Configure Purchases & Payables Setup options
  • Set up payment journals
  • Describe the relationship between vendors, vendor ledger entries, and detailed vendor ledger entries

Set up accounts receivables

  • Create customer accounts
  • Configure Sales & Receivables Setup options
  • Set up cash receipt journals
  • Set up payment registration
  • Configure customer payment methods
  • Describe the relationship between customers, customer ledger entries, and detailed customer ledger entries

Configure sales and purchasing (15–20%)

Set up inventory

  • Create items
  • Configure item categories and item attributes
  • Set up units of measure
  • Create locations
  • Describe the relationship between items, item ledger entries, and value entries
  • Differentiate between costing methods

Configure master data for sales and purchasing

  • Configure core customer settings including shipping agents, locations, and shipping addresses
  • Configure core vendor settings including order address, lead time, and locations

Configure pricing and discounts

  • Create vendor-specific purchase prices
  • Configure purchase line and invoice discounts
  • Create customer-specific sales prices
  • Configure sales line and invoice discounts

Perform Business Central operations (25–30%)

Perform basic tasks in Business Central

  • Differentiate between designing, customizing, and personalizing pages
  • Customize pages
  • Apply and save filters
  • Find documents and related entries
  • Use the Inspect pages and data feature
  • Perform data updates by using the Edit in Excel feature
  • Attach and share files by using OneDrive

Purchase items

  • Create a purchase order
  • Receive items for a purchase order
  • Describe the over-receipt feature
  • Undo a receipt
  • Create a posted invoice from a purchase order
  • Create a purchase credit memo
  • Configure recurring purchase lines

Sell items

  • Create a sales quote
  • Convert a sales quote into a sales order or sales invoice
  • Analyze item availability
  • Ship items for a sales order
  • Undo shipments
  • Create a sales invoice from a sales order
  • Create sales credit memos
  • Configure recurring sales lines

Process financial documents

  • Process purchase invoices
  • Process purchase credit memos
  • Process sales invoices
  • Process sales credit memos
  • Combine sales shipments into a single sales invoice
  • Combine purchase receipts into a single purchase invoice
  • Correct a posted purchase invoice
  • Correct a posted sales invoice
  • Release and reopen documents

Process payments and journals

  • Process payments by using payment journals
  • Run the Suggest Vendor Payments action
  • Process receipts by using the cash receipts journal
  • Process payment registrations
  • Apply ledger entries and undo applied entries
  • Reverse posted journals
  • Create bank deposits
  • Consolidate customer and vendor balances

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